5 ways to maintain body muscle on a busy schedule

The key to eating well is being organized and for a busy person, that’s often easier said than done. When you’re leading a hectic lifestyle and stuck in back to back meetings all day, hunger strikes and you grab whatever’s handy. As we know that’s not always best for our body or our waistline.

To build muscle, your body needs to be in a calorie surplus. You need make sure you get enough high quality protein and consume food at frequent intervals.

Here are five tips I give to my clients to help them build muscle despite their busy schedules.


Grilled chicken, BBQ chicken

Spend some time preparing your meals for the week. I like to take lunch to work with me, so at the beginning of each week I’ll turn on the BBQ and cook up a few pieces of chicken breast, small steaks and turkey rissoles. I throw some veges including broccoli, bok choy, brussell sprouts and sweet potato in the steamer (if you don’t have one, I highly recommend buying one – they make life so much easier). Then divide up and place into takeaway containers. You can make 2-3 days worth food and when you have it there, you’re less tempted to eat rubbish.


Plan your meals, calendar

Each night, check your diary for the day ahead to assess where you’ll be and what the food availability. You may be in the office all day, which makes it easier for you to bring your own food and store it in the fridge. If you’re travelling or out for meetings, it’s hardly appropriate to BYO. In that case, just take along small snacks like nuts, a banana and opt for a chicken salad or another healthy option.


Container of salad

I often cook a couple of extra pieces of meat for the next day. Salad doesn’t keep well, so I usually take the meat to work and buy a salad to have with it. Orchard Street‘s large and super tasty salads are my favourite. I usually spread the portion over three small meals.


Organic Ave, green juice

If you’re rushed for time, don’t forget protein shakes. They are a meal substitute and I normally have one a day. Take a shaker to work with the powder already inside and add water or coconut water. There’s your meal in less than a minute. Alternatively, with so many great juice bars around you can easily grab a fresh green juice.


Eat Fit food

Food delivery has saved me through really busy times in my life. Companies like Eat Fit Food will deliver food to your door every morning. You can opt for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just lunch and dinner. The meals are calorie controlled so you know what you’re getting and are less likely to cheat because the meals are there in front of you – fresh and delicious. Yes, they can be expensive, but if you are serious about your nutrition perhaps you can sacrifice something else for a short period.