How to make your hair colour last!

When you spend time and money getting your hair done at the salon, the last thing you want is for it to fade after a few washes.

So, when it comes to hair colour, who is more likely to fade fast? “Reds are quick to lose their richness,” says Kate McQuitty, Goldwell Color Expert & Specialist Stylist at Prema. “Red colour molecules are larger in size and can’t penetrate the hair as deeply therefore they’re quicker to leave the hair,” explains McQuitty.

And while bottle brunettes aren’t as quick to fade as others, do blondes really have more fun? “Over time, blondes can become brassy,” says McQuitty. “Whatever your colour, use a colour safe shampoo and conditioner to fight the fade and keep your hair looking vibrant.”


“In the shower, rinse hair with cool water,” advises McQuitty. “Hot water can cause the hair cuticle to open and become dry, which can leave you hanging out for your next salon appointment.” Starting to notice dull tresses already? Pop on a demi-permanent colour foam all over. “It will refresh your dye in between salon visits,” says McQuitty. Try Goldwell Colorance Soft Color ($21.95).

Goldwell Colour



While there are many aspects of our daily routines than cause hair colour to fade, adding simple steps will save your mane (and you money!) in the long run. If you are a “daily blow-dryer” or “heat styler”, McQuitty recommends using a heat styling protect each time. “It will defend the hair from heat of up to 200°, keeping your strands looking shiny and healthy.” Try Dove Heat Defence Protect and Shine Mist ($8.41).

Dove Spray


Don’t mind a swim at the beach or pool? Chlorine and salt water can strip your hair dry, allowing your colour to become lacklustre. Avoid this by using a clarifying shampoo once a week. This will help remove any salt or chlorine build-up. And, after rinsing, McQuitty recommends using a leave-in conditioning spray. “By adding this simple step before brushing your hair, you’ll get the most out of your dye.”

Try Goldwell Blondes & Highlights Shine Serum Spray ($24.95) and KMS California HAIRSTAY Clarify Shampoo ($28.95).Hair post


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