How to master the perfect full backbend

Says Barre Body founder, Emma:

How to master the perfect backbend

“Backbends are just delicious and are a favourite of mine! You might go along to a yoga class and see people around you just popping up into these amazing backbends and wonder how they do it. Trust me, it’s not as scary as it looks and you can work up to it little by little by starting with a simple bridge pose as we do in this video.

The key with backbends, particularly to the uninitiated, is to make sure your body is already warm (this is why the more serious backbends typically come at the end or well into the middle of the class) and to start off small and building your flexibility.

This video is a lovely little tutorial that will do just that – start you off slowly and show you the building blocks to work up towards a full backbend (one day). The most important thing is to listen to your body and not go too far, too soon. Enjoy!”

Barre Body
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Emma Seibold
One of Australia's most respected (and popular) high profile instructors and wellness coaches, Emma is a pioneer of new ways to sculpt and care for our bodies. As well as being the founder of popular pilates-meets-yoga-meets-ballet workout Barre Body, she's also a yoga instructor, Pilates instructor and holistic health and wellness coach, and has trained at schools in New York, India, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay. She also founded cult juice detox program, Urban Remedy Cleanse. With an enormous passion for all things relating to health, Sydney-based Emma, a mum of two beautiful young children, tries to live what she teaches: a balanced life filled with exercise and love.