How to meditate! The simple meditation technique anyone can do

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Today marks the launch of The Broad Place’s first e-book 7 Day Mind Cleanse and I’m so excited. A key part of this week long mental cleanse is the daily practice of meditation. I teach Vedic meditation, which I believe to be the world’s most effective meditation technique. However, Vedic meditation isn’t something I can teach in a book. Which is which I created this simple technique for anyone who is totally new to meditation. I have called it a Clarity Session. You simply do it once a day for 15 minutes. It’s easy, incredibly relaxing and very beneficial to your health.

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How to do your Clarity Session

Sit up in a comfortable position. Sit easily and focus  on your breathing. Take three large deep breaths, very slowly in and out. Notice the sounds around you. Relax your body, let your shoulders fall.

This is not a stillness competition. So if throughout your Clarity Session you need to shift about,  scratch or sniff, do so! You might need to check your watch or clock a few times, that’s not a problem. But ensure your phone is on silent. Better still, on airplane mode.

When you’re ready, slowly bring your attention to each of these body parts, one by one. Take one long slow deep breath, in and out, while focussing on each part of the body.

Your eyes

Your nose

Your mouth

Your whole face

Your whole head

Your neck

Your shoulders

Your arms

Your hands

Your back

Your chest

Your stomach

Your legs

Your feet

Lastly, bring your awareness to your whole body and take five slow deep breaths. Now, just sit comfortably and breathe normally. Relax. Notice any sensations you feel in your body until the 15 minutes is complete.

Remember this Clarity Session is a simple, graceful technique. Don’t worry if you think ‘you’re not getting it right’. Just go with the flow. You can’t mess this up.

Feel antsy and agitated? That’s good. It’s stress releasing from your body. Feel tired? That’s fine too, it’s fatigue releasing. Something good is always happening. You just need to keep doing it to get the results.

It’s also worth noting that we’re not trying to banish thoughts during the Clarity Session. Instead, just keep returning your focus to your breath whenever thoughts pop up. Believe me you will have lots of thoughts. And that’s totally ok.

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Jacqui Lewis
Jacqui Lewis is a Vedic meditation teacher, wellness expert and the co-founder of The Broad Place. Embracing the attitude that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, Jacqui wears many hats. Since graduating as an interior architect in her early 20s, Jacqui has gone on to become a graphic designer, creative strategist, and is now an expert Vedic Meditation teacher. Jacqui experienced huge amounts of stress through her 20s. It was a decade characterised by incredible accomplishments, coupled with severe exhaustion and periods of intense anxiety. Following this period, Jacqui realised that Vedic Meditation was the one thing which had helped her to stay on top of it all. After a series of incredibly high-pressured projects that kept burning her out, Jacqui committed to understanding everything she could about meditation and its benefits, having witnessed the results of the practice so profoundly first-hand. With so many misunderstandings still surrounding meditation (think common questions such as “do I have to be vegan and wear hessian to meditate?”) Jacqui also decided to prove that meditation and a love of style can co-exist. She studied extensively for years with Vedic expert Thom Knoles. Then underwent a gruelling year long study program with Tim Brown in Sydney and finally graduated as a qualified teacher of Vedic Meditation, in Rishikesh, India. Together with her husband and business partner Arran Russell, Jacqui launched The Broad Place in 2013. The Broad Place is a multi-faceted brand based around modern wellbeing. It is at The Broad Place that Jacqui teaches courses in Vedic Meditation, tutors private students in mediation and stress management, runs intensive retreats and writes about all things wellness-related for the Journal on The Broad Place website.