How to nail the ‘natural/minimal’ make-up look

Now more than ever, the pressure is on to look flawless 24/7. From spontaneous selfies and snapchats to friends who can’t help but Instagram your every catch up, it seems there’s a camera at every turn. But that doesn’t necessarily mean sporting a full face of maquillage a la Kimmy K. There are a few makeup tricks you can master so that you can look tanned, rested and sublime of skin all the time. #Iwokeuplikethis

  1. Balance out offending skin tones

Don’t let a little dullness or redness bother you – there’s a host of high-tech potions that to refresh your complexion. If you suffer from redness, sallow or pale skin, CC (Colour Correcting) creams should be your go-to. They use opposing colour pigments to balance the tones in your skin without looking like you’ve face-planted in a bottle of foundation. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream comes in three shades to combat redness, fatigue or dullness.

Loreal Nude CC cream

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  1. Stop blemishes in their tracks

As soon as you can feel a breakout coming on, hammer it with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide gels (Try Benzac Gel). Then before you start your makeup prime first with Australis Blemish Buster Primer – it contains salicylic acid to de-grease and argan oil to soothe. If acne is really bad stick to mineral makeup as it won’t clog your pores (Try Nude by Nature).



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  1. Fake an immaculate complexion

If your skin is still giving you grief, look for a decent coverage base like Rimmel Lasting Finishing 25 Hour Powder Foundation – it will mask any imperfections and stay put from breakfast until bedtime.

Rimmel Lasting Finishing 25 Hour Powder Foundation

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  1. Cheat those cheekbones

Next up, give your cheekbones a little help with some clever contouring techniques. Take the Artiste Contouring Brush and shade underneath the cheekbones up to the temples with the Savvy Sunkissed Bronzer. Dust it lightly around the jawbone and around the edges of the face to create shadow. Next take the Savvy Brow Highlighter Duo Pencil and draw a dash with the nude shade along the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones and down the bridge of the nose, to create light and radiance. This will give the illusion of razor sharp bone structure.

Natural makeup look


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  1. Frame your face

As Cara Delevigne would tell you, a bolshy set of brows does wonders in framing the face and illuminating the eyes. So put down those tweezers and start growing. If you need a little help in the hair department, find a decent brow pencil and draw tiny strokes in the direction of your existing hairs. L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper is a tinted brow gel that you can use to define and tame your brows into submission.

Brow Artist Plumper

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