How to prevent winter weight gain!

It’s pretty much a fact. Winter arrives and our bodies start craving the warm comfort of a doona and hearty dinners followed by something a little special for dessert. Because, well, it’s cold outside! Plus, early morning and evening workouts always seem so much less appealing when it’s dark outside. So, here are some simple tips for help you keep your health on track during winter!

Drink up

Headaches, dry skin, tiredness and irritability aren’t just because it’s gloomy outside. They can also be caused by dehydration. When the temperature drops, be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Your daily intake includes tea and coffee but if you’re drinking these regularly ease up on milk and ditch the sugar or swap for stevia. Green tea, herbal teas and dandy lattes are great options.

Swap your carbs

So many winter dishes call for hearty sides of potato or rice. These are so easy to overeat. Swap potato mash for pumpkin mash, or a blend of sweet potato and white potato, or corn. Or try roasted vegetable wedges. Parsnip, pumpkin, zucchini, capsicum, and beetroot are all packed full of nutrients and flavor. Sprinkle Italian herbs, a little garlic and toss in a drizzle of oil. Switching it up allows you to get more nutrients and variety in your diet will also help prevent colds and flu!

Eat dessert

Yes, have it! Nobody’s willpower is strong enough to constantly say no to the aroma of warm apple pie fresh from the oven. Just make your own swapping refined sugar for natural sweeteners and cut back on your portions. Ever heard of a mug cake? It’s a great portion-controlled dessert. So use a standard coffee mug as your bowl, and swap a dessert spoon for a teaspoon. Eat mindfully, relishing every mouthful. Combined with eating with a teaspoon this will take you a little longer to eat, and the fact that it looks like you’ve got a lot in your mug helps to trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a bigger serve than you actually are. Clever huh? You could also try one of my mini apple crumbles. End with a cup of herbal tea to signify you’ve finished eating for the night.

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