How To Reset Your Gut After Weeks Of Holiday Blowout

Hint: It goes beyond just food!

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So we’re more than half way into January and the silly season is well and truly over. The chip packets are a barren land of residual crumbs, the Prosecco bottles are in the recycling and the brie wheel you inhaled last night — well, half of it is still left tempting you in the fridge.

Now that you’re keen to kickstart your wellness routine again, we wholly recommend starting with the gut.

Here’s what you should be eating and doing in order to reset that second brain of yours…

1Start the day the right way

Kick off your morning with hot water and lemon (ginger and a splash of apple cider vinegar too, if you’re feeling fancy) to soothe the digestive system and relieve any bloating from the day before. Gentle movement (think: yoga stretches or a light walk) is a great way to begin a gut-healing protocol, and intermittent fasting (12-16 hours is optimal) can give your body the much-needed reset that it needs.

2A gut-friendly brekky

A low-sugar, high-fibre green smoothie is the ideal, nutrient-dense breakfast that can be packed full of gut-friendly ingredients that go easy on the digestive system. A morning blend of greens, fats, a handful of low-sugar fruit and a superfood or two (we’re loving collagen right now) will work wonders for your gut-health.

3The key ingredients

The two P’s: pre’s and pro’s. Ensuring that you combine a good quality probiotic with wholesome, probiotic and prebiotic foods will help to fight inflammation and keep your gut happy. Things like yoghurt, kefir and fermented vegetables will complement prebiotic-rich foods such as blueberries, radishes, dandelion greens and artichokes and will serve that gut of yours a health-laden cocktail, without the alcohol. Or sugar. Or decorative umbrella.

4Grounding, nature and the S word

Because a happy gut isn’t just about food. Lifestyle factors such as stress and too much intense exercise can, over time, chip away at your overall health and have negative effects on your long-term wellness.

As one lifestyle blogger found out, the concept of grounding (also known as earthing) was a game changer in her quest for gut health.

She says “when we touch our bare feet to the earth—i.e., walking on the wet sand, standing tall in the dirt on a hike, wiggling our toes in the grass—then we soak up the natural, subtle energy that nature has to offer us. In essence, grounding our feet into the earth re-connects us to who we are at our core. Nature has so many healing properties, including massive amounts of stress reduction.”

EARTH MEDICINE :: get outside & fill your lungs with the good stuff this weekend. 🌎🦋🌱🌵💦 // this morning i woke up reflecting on starting @tbbpodcast almost a year ago — how much more confident and ME i feel after a year of sharing so openly. sharing on a podcast has got to be one of the most authentic, no BS ways to connect, because it’s too intimate to hide who you are. it’s taught me that i am not for everybody and THAT’S OKAY ✌🏻✌🏻 because being for everybody is boring anyway, it usually means you’re not letting your most radiant + genuine self shine. that “just be me” mentality has trickled itself into the rest of my life & i must say… damn, it feels good to FEEL GOOD in your own skin, being nothing but who you are deep down inside. 🌊🌸 wearing all @aloyoga // #tbbmademedoit #tbbpodcast #soulonfire #fridayfeels #earthmedicine

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Feel like your gut is really out of whack? We partnered with two specialists to create this four-week gut-healing protocol. 

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