How To Revamp Your Home Without Spending A Sh*T Load Of Money

A foolproof guide.

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With the start of a new year, a familiar saying seems to come up, time and time again: Out with the old and in with the new. So, if you’re thinking about redecorating your home, there’s no time like the present. But instead of planning a total makeover—which is not only costly but also time-consuming—why not give your space a simple refresh?

Ahead, you’ll find six of the very best budget-friendly revamp tips.

1. Measure twice, cut once

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The moral of the story is: take your time! Take your time browsing for interior inspiration be it through Pinterest, Instagram or another platform. Pretty soon you will be scrolling through all your saved and pinned images and you’ll realise you’re leaning towards a certain type of look. Voila! You’ve developed your style and theme, and the good news is you haven’t had any nasty purchasing and returning disasters.

2. Invest

If you’re interested in splashing out, be design savvy and spend on items you want to last—be it new flooring, a bench top, a chair or a table. Spending large on items that are very trend-specific runs the risk of you losing interest in them quickly. At the end of the day, this is not in your best interest.

3. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of DIY

Refreshing, reupholstering or refinishing furniture and accessories or paint jobs are simple but cost effective ways to update the look of your space without the hefty price tag.

4. ‘Replica’ does not mean bad quality

Today, nothing is unique – everything is a copy of something else. Designer items typically use more expensive materials and finishes. The good news is: there are often much cheaper alternatives that provide 90% of the same look you were going for. There’s a huge spectrum in pricing in the replica world, which is sure to suit everybody’s budgetary needs.

5. The importance of a second opinion

And a third and a fourth! Don’t blink twice if you’re thinking about asking multiple companies to quote the same thing. You may score yourself what you wanted at a quarter of the price!

6. Sales are the name of the game

Keep an eye out for sales, these are bound to save you anywhere from 10% to 50% of the cost. Sales usually occur during a change of season, the end of financial year or for a specific celebration i.e. Christmas, Boxing Day, Easter, Black Friday etc. There is no shame in being a Coupon Queen (we all do it!).

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Mia Lake
Mia Lake is the Interior Design Director at Vic Lake Architect (VLA). VLA is a family business specialising in high end residential homes and boutique multi residential developments. The collaboration between sophisticated architecture and considered interiors, VLA approaches their projects holistically and cohesively. Mia’s design journey began at Sydney’s The Whitehouse Institute of Design. She was awarded a yearlong scholarship to further her studies internationally at Accademia Italiana. That year in Florence, Italy was a major influence on her career and design style. Prior to VLA, Mia’s has been fortunate to work at two leading Sydney interior design practices, Arent&Pyke and Briony Fitzgerald Design, specialising in high end residential interior design and custom made furnture. A strong construction knowledge, understanding and love of craftsmanship, and sensitivity to the client’s practical needs are the key ingredients to a Mia’s successful design. Mia loves using luxurious natural materials, colour and layering textures. She believes injecting personality into spaces and surrounding yourself with objects that tell stories of your live, makes you happy and inspires. A well designed space can truly improve the way you live.