How to sleep like a dream when travelling

sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips

Whether you travel frequently for work (as we do at Sporteluxe) or are jetting off to enjoy the European summer, we all know the importance of a good night’s sleep to staying healthy whilst on the move.

However, travelling – especially after a long haul flight – is often the time you’re most vulnerable to succumb to a cold or the dreaded sleep hangover, when you wake up feeling exhausted and sluggish. (Yep, you know the warning signs; red eyes, irritability and lethargy.)

So don’t let an illness or exhaustion ruin an otherwise fantastic trip. Instead, try these simple tips for great sleep on your next sojourn.

  1. Fuel your body the right way

Have light meals only the day of your flight and go easy on the caffeine. And sorry to sound like fun-killers, but we’d also recommend avoiding alcohol just before, during your flight, and soon after you land, as dehydration will have a huge impact on your body. Honestly, save the wines for the other end. You’ll feel much better if you say no to the drinks trolley.

sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips


  1. Set your watch to the destination’s time when you board

It’s a trick used by seasoned fliers for good reason. Treating your transit as the time in your final destination helps get your sleep and eating patterns accustomed to the new time zone.

sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips


  1. Pack some chemical-free sleep-enhancers
  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips are great for a post-flight blocked nose, and for those common occasions colds and flu set in the second you go on holiday. These tiny adhesive strips are designed to relieve nasal congestion and reduce snoring.
  • Lavender oil is a proven sleep enhancer, so pack a small bottle to sprinkle onto hotel pillows for instant relaxation. Try, In Essence Lavender Pure Essential Oil
  • Don’t leave home without an eye mask and ear plugs, so you can block out aircraft noise and light. Forgot to pack them? Grab them both at a pharmacy when you arrive.

Breathe right, nasal strips sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips

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  1. Add a probiotic to your pre-trip routine

Health experts all agree a healthy gut is the secret to a supercharged immune system, but it can also help promote glowing skin and reduce the symptoms of bloating (neither great when you want to look your photographic best on your travels!). We like BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 500, which is high strength probiotic in a convenient one-a-day dose.

sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips

Try → BioCeuticals UltraBiotic 500, $32.65


  1. Soak up the sunshine (safely)

Once you arrive at your destination, why not head out and enjoy the glorious outdoors for a little while. Your body will lap up the vitamin D and it’s also the best way to see the sights. Just remember the factor 30+ and a sunhat in your luggage. 

sleep tips, sleep well when travelling, travel tips



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