How to take care of your trainers

They’re vital to your performance, but how often do you just carelessly kick your runners off at the door post-workout? Here, are our top four tips for treating your trainers like they deserve!

1) They’re called runners for a reason

While it’s tempting to wear your runners more often, this will wear out the cushioning quickly. We know they’re super comfortable, but try to save your running shoes for running only.

2) Dry them properly

Got caught running in the rain? Putting your runners on direct heat can damage the material of your shoes and alter their shape. Instead, loosen the laces, take out the insoles and let them air-dry. To speed up the process, place crumpled newspaper inside them to absorb excess moisture.

3) Don’t put them in the washing machine.

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people stick their runners in the wash. Repeat after us, washing machines are meant for clothing, not shoes! If you need to clean your runners, use a scrubbing brush, mild soap and cold water.

4) Be ready to replace them

Continuing to train in worn-out runners may result in risk of injury from lack of support. So it’s important to recognize when your runners have had their day. As a general rule, good runners last on average between 700 and 1,000 km, or six to 12 months.

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