How to tell if he likes you – then vs now

By guest blogger Iona Yeung

Iona is a successful relationship and lifestyle blogger, who covers dating, relationship, breakups and everything in between. Her editorial work has been published on Huffington Post and Elite Daily. Iona is also the Beauty Editor for Style Hunter and founded Through her writing she hopes to engage, educate and inspire readers.

I have friends in relationships who’ve missed the whole online dating phenomenon. Most of those friends say dating would have been so much easier with dating apps like Tinder. Having used the app myself in the past, I wouldn’t agree that’s entirely true, but fact is, dating has completely changed. This is a tribute to the history of dating.

1. THEN: You hear about it through the grapevine

If a guy liked you, he’d tell the friend who just loves to gossip. In an hour, everyone would know. The person who mattered the most was the last one to find out.

NOW: He likes your social media photos.

Dating is a bit more subtle, the guy who likes you will like add you as a friend and like all your social media pictures, even if you only post about the cats of Instagram.

How to tell if he likes you2. THEN: He tells everyone about it

NOW: In fear of rejection and that you might be swiping right to 20 other guys, the new age guy is likely to keep his feelings for you on the down low, until he’s sure you like him back.

3. THEN: Looks matter and it’ll probably get you a date

NOW: Looks still matter but so does your online profile. You’ll be judged on your profile photos and your witty banter before you score a date.

4. THEN: He makes time to see you

NOW: He only makes time to see you and no one else. It matters because dating is fickle these days. Unless you discuss your relationship status, you can assume that he’s seeing someone else. So if he’s making plans to see you and just you, you’ll know he’s serious.

5. THEN: He calls you his girlfriend.

NOW: He deletes his online dating profile and updates his relationship status on Facebook.

6. THEN: He calls you good night

NOW: He texts you good night.

7. THEN: He tells you how he feels about you.

NOW: Same then as it is now – if he likes you, he’ll tell you.

Online dating may have changed the way we relate and date but what’s constant is the one thing that matters – if a guy likes you, he will find a way to tell you. Whether it’s through a friend, social media or face to face, you will know.

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