How to train like Kayla Itsines!

Kayla Itsines

Aspire to be as fit as Instagram star and bikini body trainer Kayla ItsinesThen read on for Kayla’s training secrets!

Can you share your three fave body weight exercises and why you love them? 

I’m a plyometric trainer so my first one which I love is jump training. I love box jumps. So jumping onto boxes and jumping onto anything pretty much. I absolutely love that in combination with burpees which are another full body exercise. So you could do a burpee box jump. Instead of jumping up in the air, you jump up on a box which I make a lot of my girls do. That’s specifically targeting your legs and your glutes. The next one would be push ups. You can do them lots of different ways. For example, caterpillar push ups where you do a push up and walk your feet into your hands and then walk them back out again. Or commandos, where you’re in a plank position and lift yourself up into a push up position and come back down to use your core as well.

If we were to look into your gym bag, what things would find in there? 

My gym bag has headphones, my drink bottle, my foam roller, an Olay moisturiser, sunscreen and hair ties. I don’t wear make-up at the gym. And men’s deodorant. I like Rexona. I think the men’s ones smell better. I’m secretly a boy!

What are your fave active wear essentials? 

I love anything Nike. I’m a personal trainer and Nike is really designed for sweating and training in. Being able to move comfortably is important so Nike is a big one for me.

I know you’re a fan of functional training. How important is it for women to do that type of training?

Functional training is so important. If you look in my Bikini Body guide you’ll also see there are heaps of back correctional exercises. Working your back is so important. You can’t jump around for days on end and not put effort into rehabilitation and stretching. All of that is necessary and important.

What are some of your flat tummy secrets? 

Diet is very important. Making sure you’re having the right foods for your body so your body is actually able to burn fat. That’s what girls want. Another thing is not thinking that you can do a million crunches and that’s going to get results. Because that’s not going to happen. Girls should make sure they’re doing a variety of exercises targeting their whole whole body. When you target your whole body, your tummy muscles are always on and your abs are always working. They stabilise your entire body. So the more you move the more your abs work! Another secret would just be pushing through and getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t stop when you’ve done a certain amount of reps and can start feeling it. Try and push through and keep going until it burns! Getting that into your head will help with your mindset. But there’s no secret really. It’s just common sense.

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