How to use crystals in a non-hippy way!

Crystals are reputed to have healing health benefits. By placing crystals strategically around your home, believers claim you can experience many beneficial effects from calming to boosting inspiration and reducing stress. But I’m not here to tell you about benefits of crystals. I’m here to tell you the tricks to using crystals in an understated way and accomplishing a look that’s both stylish and non-hippy!

The rule of contrast

If it sparkles, contrast it against worn natural materials, such as driftwood, or a vintage timber box. If the crystal is translucent, place it on something solid, like a ceramic or stone bowl. That way you can really appreciate the intricate characteristics of the crystal.

Hanging out

Hanging the crystals in front of the window is recommended for ‘cleansing’ and ‘re-charging’ crystals. But to keep the looking contemporary, I recommend hanging them by a thin tan leather strap in uneven numbers. You will be able to find the leather strap at your local crafts store. The sunlight shining will create divine coloured reflections on your surrounding walls. Just make sure to do your research prior, as some crystals will fade in the sunlight.

The cluster effect

The best way to make your crystals look trendy is to blend them in with your interior décor. So try clustering them among other objects. Place crystals on top of stacked books on a coffee table, or mixed them up with your jewelry on your dresser. My favourite way to cluster crystal is with delicate glass bottles, vintage glass jars and candles on a windowsill. It is simple divine.

Keep it in the family

Mother Nature gave us these little treasure, so why not place the crystals back with nature? Try laying a crystal in a potted plant. I recommend succulents as the plant of choice. They are low maintenance, and a form complementary backdrop or the crystals.

Pride of place

If you love something, give it pride of place in your home. Somewhere you will see it all the time and that will make you feel happy when you walk past it. By placing crystals on a stand, it’s the equivalent to honoring or respecting it, like placing it on a pedestal. A copper or brass stand adds an edgy appearance to your interior.

Whether you believe in the healing effects of crystal or not, there is no denying it, they are magnificent natural wonders. See these inspiring interior spaces enhanced by crystals.




 Statement making crystals and the perfect pieces to pair with them

Crystals Shop The Look 1

↑ From L to R: Coco Republic Cartier Heart Strings in gold leaf, POA. KAS Mayla cushion, $24.98. Mania Mania Fatale necklace, $260.
↑ From L to R: Sacred Source Smokey citrine, $79. West Elm Agate jewellery box, $79


Cyrstal 1
↑ From L to R: | |
↑ From L to R: | |
↑ From L to R: | |
↑ From L to R: | |
↑ From L to R: | |
Crystal 6
↑ From L to R: | | 
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