How To Wear The Nike Studio Wraps

We know what your thinking, and yes every girl is hot for a pair of the Nike Studio Wraps.

Created to help with traction during your Yoga, Ballet or Pilates class the Nike Studio Wraps have fast become the must have accessory. Say good bye to bare feet as the Nike Studio Wraps will not only stop your foot from sliding, but will also make your feet look beautiful.

Coming soon to, the wraps really are the pedicure for the feet and are the future of studio footwear. It’s so simple, place the ribbon under the arch of your foot, wrap the ribbon around your ankle as you would do with a ballet shoe then slip on the Studio Wrap. If you’re heading outside, then just pop the outer shoe on to protect your Wraps. Now you can walk from your home to class in a pair of the Nike Studio Wraps.

 Nike studio wrap post 3Studio Wrap post 2



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