How to work multiple trends at once

In this shoot, Bianca is modelling four of the hottest trends in active wear right now: monochrome, mesh detailing, ‘90s sportswearand statement prints. Referencing so many trends in one outfit sounds like it would be too much. But here it just works.

However, there are a few styling tips to help you combine trends successfully. First, be sure to balance your proportions. This is true for any outfit you pull together and basically just means mixing looser items with more fitted pieces. So, in this instance, we’ve paired tights with a relaxed-fit cropped hoodie. This cropped hoodie could also easily be layered over a fitted tank if you’re not keen on showing your midriff.

Secondly, unless you want to make a really strong style statement, focus on one standout piece. Here, it’s all about the printed tights. The mesh inserts on the hoodie are subtle and the fact that the hoodie is all in one tone means it doesn’t compete for attention with the tights. Thirdly, consider your colour palette carefully. Here, we’ve opted for tonal black and white. However, if you’re working colour try sticking to two or three shades to give your look cohesion. Most importantly, experiment and have fun! And remember, choosing pieces that flatter and make you feel great should always come first before trends.

Photography by Chantel Cheah from
Featuring Bianca Cheah
Fashion credits: Supré jumper, Adidas tights and Adidas shoes.

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