How to work the ’90s sportswear trend

We chatted to Cotton On men’s trend forecaster Craig Webb about why the ’90s sportswear is one the coolest looks in men’s wear right now.

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Craig webb, Cotton OnTalk us through the ’90s sportswear revival for men. How has it evolved over the last few seasons?

We’ve been seeing a huge return to the early ’90s from a trend perspective and it’s been evolving over the past couple of years. It all started with a look back at the whole Fresh Prince look and then started to evolve into something more luxe and less vintage. This is a prime example of designers taking their inspiration from the street. Designers like Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and Marcelo Burlon have made a huge impact on the way men currently dress. The trend started by referencing “what would Run-D.M.C wear?” but it is now more about “what would Kanye wear?”. I think Kanye is the poster boy for this look.

What is the latest incarnation of this look?

The importance of silhouette is paramount in getting this over the line. A couple of years ago, we saw the introduction of drop crotch chinos with an elastic cuff. The popularity of this style has been met with the introduction of a longer line in the top of the body. Longer tees and shirts mixed back with bomber style jackets to create a three tier effect.

Lastly, what are your five must-have items for achieving the ’90s sportswear trend?

1      Drop-crotch track pants
These are the essential base for this look. Sporty relaxed and new. They can be worn to the gym but are more at home on the street.

2      A long line t-shirt
Key to this look at it balances out the drop-crotch of the pants and stops you from looking short bodied. Again, it’s a really sporty and relaxed look but it has a newness that makes it really cool.

3      The bomber jacket
A year round essential that’s perfect for this look. It caps of the longer tee, adding a break to layer the look and elongating your legs. It also goes with everything, is versatile and can be dressed up or down.

4      A killer baseball cap
If you’re going to do sport, this is an essential ingredient. The perfect addition to this look and you don’t need to worry about doing your hair so it’s a win/win!

5      Black trainers
It’s all about the trainers! Preferably black and sporty as hell!