How your hair and eye colour is linked to weight loss!


Most of us realise that how we gain weight has a lot to do with genetics. However, you might be surprised to learn that your hair and eye colour can also be an indication of where you will hold excess weight.   

It’s said that if you have brown hair and brown eyes, you’ll need to support your liver a little more. The liver is in charge of loads of our hormones when things are out of whack we find it really hard to drop weight around the upper thighs and butt. This is generally more commonly seen in people with brown hair and brown eyes. The liver is also our detox master. So if your liver is a touch sensitive you also won’t bounce back well after a boozy night on the town.

So what if you have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin? Well blondes are generally more sensitive to foods. You’ll often find you feel bloated more often and your tummy is an area you always need to work on. This is for two reasons: not just the bloating but also because we have a tendency to stress out a little more. This in turn increases the hormone cortisol. And when there’s excess cortisol it becomes harder to drop tummy weight. So you need to reduce stress if you want to prevent excess tummy weight gain.

Overall, the trick to maintaining your weight is to eliminate junk, eat real foods, smile more and stress less.

Image credit: iStock