How your iPhone can now help diagnose your health!

Apple research kit

Apple Research KitThe must-have Apple Watch wasn’t the only thing getting us excited at Apple’s Spring Forward launch in San Francisco yesterday. We were also seriously impressed with the announcement of Apple ResearchKit. This new software framework is being tipped to change the face of medical research forever. And it could also be an effective early diagnosis tool for serious health conditions. Allow us to explain.

Apple ResearchKit allows medical and health experts to create apps that help with research and diagnosis. Some of the world’s leading medical research institutions (think the likes of The University of Oxford and Stanford Medical) have already developed apps to do studies on breast cancer, asthma, breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease. Basically, you choose whether you want to use these apps and participate in any of their medical studies. Some of these studies include simple medical diagnostic tests that could help you detect early warning symptoms of these diseases. Privacy is also paramount so if you do take part in a research study your personal medical data will never be shared (even with Apple).

Given Apple has sold over 700 million iPhones around the world, the amount of health data researchers could potentially utilise in their quest to fight serious health issues could be seriously game changing.

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