Ice cream dream! Get your fix the healthy way

ice Cream

With springtime upon us, and summer lingering ever so near, healthy desserts are simply a must to keep us satisfied and beach ready. And no dessert is quite so appealing on a hot day than a scoop (or two) or luscious ice cream! So we’ve complied a list of some of our fave dairy-free ice creams here at Sporteluxe HQ, both brands you can buy at your local health food store and a raw ice cream hotspots.

From the health food store



With Coyo claiming to be “heaven in a mouthful” on the tub our expectations were pretty high. But we’re happy to report they’ve come pretty close with this creamy coconut based treat. The flavours include acai and vanilla, which is perfect teamed with fresh summer fruits however our fave is probably decadent chocolate!

coco luscious

Coco Luscious

Let this delicious organic treat hits the spot with nothing artificial. Like Coyo it is coconut milk based and we’re impressed by the inventive flavours such as chai, cookie dough, chilli chocolate and even Christmas. Let’s get jolly and tuck into this decadent natural treat.

botanical cuisine

Botanical Cuisine

Like the sound of frozen chocolate and coffee cashew yogurt? We do too! Botanical Cuisine takes your sweet treats to a whole new healthy level. This decadent raw, organic frozen yogurt boasts a high content of protein due to the cashews, in addition to health benefits such as magnesium and calcium from the raw cacao. Nourishing our bodies has never been more delicious!

Raw ice cream hotspots

earth to table

Earth To Table, Sydney

This organic raw café located in Bondi Junction has a menu full of delicious raw treats. But the raw ice creams are a great go-to sweet treat! The ever-changing menu of flavours on offer include cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, blueberry, green tea, cookies & cream and hazelnut crunch. They also make their own raw chocolate and caramel fudge. With delectable flavours this good, and none of the nasties, how can you resist?


Monk Bodhi Dharma, Melbourne

This cool Balaclava cafe makes clean eating ever so easy! Think almond chai lattes, buckwheat apple pancakes served with raw cinnamon ice cream. However, we also have the inside scoop on their new launch of gourmet ice-cream and chocolate range called Kailoha Gourmet Foods. Coming soon, we hear they’ll be launching three main ice-cream flavours: Maui Vanilla Bean, North Shore Chocolate and Kona Coffee. Expect some limited edition runs of flavours such as peanut caramel, banana and lemon coconut cheesecake! We’re drooling just thinking about it!
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