Immune boost must-haves to beat winter blues

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There are plenty of reasons we love winter (snow vacations, hot chocolate, cashmere) but blistering winds, icy rain and nasty head colds aren’t amongst them. It’s all too easy to get run down and sick when the weather turns chilly, so for this week’s Sporteluxe Team Edit we each share immune boost products we turn to, to keep our bodies and minds in top shape.

Immune boost must-haves

Melanie’s pick:

Melanie Black and white

Immune boosting products, The Sporteluxe Edit

Shop → Johnsons of Elgin Cashmere Hot Water Bottle, $162

“This luxuriously soft, 100 per cent cashmere cable knit hot water bottle is gorgeous, chic and really practical. Now, my other half has no reason to complain about ice-cold toes on the back of his legs!”

Bianca’s pick:

Motherd Day Bianca

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Shop → In Essence Relaxation Lifestyle Blend, $22.95

“This blend is a favourite of mine and combines the pure essential oils of lavender, bergamot, geranium, marjoram and cedar wood. I believe a good night’s sleep is so important to stay on top of your game, especially in the winter months, so I love to burn this oil before bed to help me unwind and relax properly.”

Emily W’s pick:

Emily black and white

Immune boosting products, The Sporteluxe Edit

Shop → iKOU Eco-Bamboo Spa Oil Burner, $29.95

“It’s sleek and stylish, the perfect vessel to burn my relaxation oil. The best part about this cool, minimalist burner? It’s made from sustainable bamboo.”

Olivia’s pick:

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Shop → Swisse Ultiboost Zinc + Vitamin C + Garlic Tablets, $14.99

“When things get really busy, I take these Swisse Ultiboost tablets to help rev up my immune system. The key three ingredients been used traditionally throughout history for their antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which is perfect for easing the nasty symptoms of common colds.”

Emily S’s pick:

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Shop → Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey Tea, $7.95

“I love this soothing tea, which is a modern take on a traditional winter remedy. Harnessing organic lemon, spicy ginger and sweet Manuka honey this tea helps to soothe sore throats and restore wellbeing in the cold winter months.”

Rachel’s pick:

Rachel Sharp

Immune boosting products, The Sporteluxe EditImmune boosting products, The Sporteluxe Edit

Shop → Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Natural Flavour, $39.50
Shop → Bioceuticals Armaforce $25.66, available from practitioners and in-store at About Life

“When my life is a whirlwind and doesn’t involve enough sleep (which is almost always), these supplements are two key in my anti-sickess arsenal. They both contain the super powerful antioxidant olive leaf, which is a powerful immune system booster and blood sugar support. Chat to your naturopath about which is best for you.”

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