Improve your running with Nike+ Run Club

The runners of Melbourne have had a head start this week, hitting the pavement for the launch of Nike+ Run Club (NRC).

The world’s largest running club has one single goal: to help every runner become a better, more educated athlete. Whether that be running their funnest, fastest or even first mile, Nike+ Run Club aims to create a conducive environment to bring runners together and empower them to improve.

Introducing Melbourne’s Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club, which operates in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, has been “running” in Australia since 2010 and grows in momentum every year. 2015 is no different with NRC Melbourne stepping up its game once again, mixing up its workouts to cater to runners of all fitness levels and running experience. Whether you’re a sprinter, marathon runner or even a beginner, there is a run for you.

With ten sessions scheduled throughout October, the new program includes six exciting and unique workouts such as an introduction to running that covers the basics of technique (Ready Set Go), a long run, a fun mix of high intensity training and running (H.I.T and Run) and a Speed Run.

Nike+ Run Club is a fun community program that focuses on camaraderie, coaching and encouragement, with the added bonus of expert Nike trainers such as Mathieu Dore in Melbourne.

Matthew DoreMathieu has been a personal trainer for 8 years and specialises in strength and conditioning for runners. He has a holistic approach to a runner’s development, meaning his clients not only receive physical training but guidance on nutrition and mindset as well.

If running’s not your forte, why not try the Nike+ Training Club in Fitzroy and check out their new speciality women’s studio. Based on the app which features hundreds of full body workouts, the studio will offer H.I.T, Pilates, TRX and dance to get you mixing up your fitness regime.

Nike work hard to connect fitness-lovers both locally and globally through their passion for health and exercise. For this reason, all clubs are free and open to everyone.

So if you’re a seasoned runner, in search of a good partner or you’re a walker wanting to pick up the pace, why not give the Nike+ Run Club a go? Seriously, just do it.