Inspiration central! TED talks to watch this long weekend!

Want to be inspired? We’ve rounded up some of the best ever TED talks to give you a dose of inspiration and intellectual stimulation. Perfect rainy day viewing if the weather doesn’t stay sunny all long weekend!

Watch for workout motivation

TED talk: Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others

Social psychologist Emily Balcetis discusses a simple solution to help you combat the issues holding you back from exercise. Great inspiration to get that butt moving! Click here to watch.

Watch for an instant confidence boost

TED talk:  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy discusses the topic of “power posing”. Apparently, standing in a certain way makes you exude confidence even when you don’t feel it. This posture can even impact hormone levels in your brain boosting your chances for success. Great for work scenarios or any situation where you want to own the room! Click here to watch.

Watch for a dose of zen-spiration

TED talk: The Art Of Stillness

Writer Pico Iyer provides fascinating insight into the subject of stillness. In a busy frenetic world filled with constant movement and distraction, Pico discusses the importance of taking time out to just be still. A perfect clip to ease you into the long weekend after a stressful week at work! Click here to watch.

Watch for advice on how to work smarter not harder

TED talk: The Puzzle Of Motivation

Career analyst Dan Pink explores the topic of motivation, starting with information sought from social scientists and easy tips try in your everyday life. Fuel your motivation and learn how to work smarter, not harder! Click here to watch.

Watch for guidance on how to be happier at work

TED talk: The Happy Secret To Better Work

Shawn Achor presents an entertaining talk full of advice to help boost your happiness and productivity within the workplace. Click here to watch.

Watch for wellness inspiration

TED talk: How to succeed? Get more sleep

A Sporteluxe HQ favourite, Arianna Huffington, the inspiring powerhouse woman behind The Huffington Post,  delivers an eloquent talk on the importance of a good night’s sleep. Delving into the concept that we can sleep our way into increased productivity and happiness. Click here to watch.

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