Is Cheerobics set to take over London’s fitness scene?


Londoners are certainly spoilt for choice when looking for fun ways to stay in shape. And Cheerobics may just be one of the most entertaining fitness trends to gain momentum this season. Created by cheerleader and fitness specialist, Jessica Zoo, Cheerobics is a fusion of cheerleading moves and high intensity aerobics. All set to the sounds of pop music!

Naturally, I had some apprehension before attending my first Cheerobics class. Will everyone look like Kristen Dunst in Bring It On? Have I worn the right attire for high kicks? Can I even do high kicks? Are we talking human pyramids? Spirit fingers? Pom poms?

Fortunately, skimpy cheerleading outfits, extraordinary flexibility and an overly sassy, competitive attitude are not a pre-requisites for this fitness class. And yes, I was happy to discover pom poms are involved!

According to Jessica, Cheerobics routines accommodate a range of fitness, confidence and coordination levels. Classes are designed to work the entire body, incorporating cardio, flexibility and toning. Repetitive strong arm movements with pom poms are also a really effective way to sculpt strong sexy arms. The pom poms definitely provide more resistance than you would expect!

The workout is challenging but easy to follow. Most importantly it is plenty of fun, with upbeat tracks by artists including Taylor Swift and Aivcii making the whole experience feel more like a party than a class. The routine finishes with a nice long sequence of full body stretches and before you know it an hour is over. Expect to leave a Cheerobics session tired and sweaty but full of endorphins. And with loads of confidence in your newfound capacity to totally “bring it” to a cheer battle should the opportunity ever arise!

Cheerobics classes are yet to make their way to Australia. However, but official Cheerobics DVDs and pom poms are available for purchase at and on iTunes. Happy cheering!

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Amber McCormick
Amber is a journalist and producer currently working for Sky in London. A green tea addict with a love of nature and new experiences, she is the creator of travel and lifestyle blog Ambi Halo which showcases beautiful, stylish destinations, delicious food and inspiring people from around the world. Growing up on NSW’s sunny Central Coast, she was inspired from a young age to live a creative, healthy and active life. Having relocated from Bondi to London a year ago, Amber is now exploring the latest health and wellness trends emerging in the city and is currently training to be a dance teacher."