Is sex the best warm up before a run?


We think we’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate pre-run warm up, and it’s not what you would expect. According to a study by Brooks Running, 48% of the runners who were surveyed said that getting busy before a big race fuels their performance. That’s quite a statistic! So we thought we’d look into it (and do some ‘testing’ of our own) to give you the scoop on this performance enhancing tactic.

According to sexologists, like any good warm-up, sex gets your blood pumping and your heart rate going. Though it’s not enough to be a workout in itself, we think it could be the perfect (and probably most fun!) warm-up activity before a run. A great way to release endorphins and give you a confidence a kick before you kick start your run.

We challenge you to put this theory to the test. Even if it doesn’t give your performance a boost, it’s good motivation to get you moving or calm your nerves before a big race. Just be sure to stretch beforehand to ensure your muscles are nice and limber for all that cardio!

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