Is sugar spray the new sea salt spray?

Chances are you have a salt spray tucked away in your beauty cupboard – this staple hair product is a must-have for stylists, off-duty models and anyone wanted a quick ‘just been to the beach’ textured look.

But is the handy salt spray about to be dethroned as the must-have texture product? Perhaps!

If you’re looking for soft, sexy beach waves reminiscent of Giselle, but want a more moisturising formula, sugar mist is an undeniable game changer.

Unlike sea salt sprays, the new wave of sugar sprays won’t strip your hair of its keratin proteins meaning you’ll be left with relaxed, glossy, healthy-looking strands without any greasy residue or crunching. Score!

How to use sugar spray:

Simply shake and spray it on your damp or dry hair, focusing on the ends so you don’t use too much product. Then scrunch or tousle small sections of your hair depending on what kind of waves you’re going for. If you’re going to blow-dry it, use a diffuser to help keep curls intact.

Shop our favourites:

Sweet Definition, sugar spray

Shop → Keratin Sweet Definition Texturising Sugar Mist approx. $24.00 (AUD)

Declaring itself the “anti-salt spray,” Keratin Complex’s new sugar mist is redefining beach hair as we know it. Jam packed with curl-enhancing ingredients, like plankton and sea kelp extract, and ultra-hydrating sugar cane extract, this haircare staple can help you achieve that lusted-after bed-head texture.

Sugar Shock, sugar spray, salt spray

Shop → Tigi Bed Head Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray $28.00

Accentuate natural waves whilst controlling frizz and flyaway hair with this genius hair product. Designed to also boost the volume of your hair, this spray can be used in wet or dry hair. Hello surfer babe!

Our verdict:

We were intrigued and excited to try this new product, as we’ve been long time devotees to sea salt spray to achieve that straight-from-the-beach look. We love the conditioning effect of sugar spray, but also appreciate the perfectly undone texture that sea salt spray provides. So… don’t throw your sea salt spray in the bin just yet, instead add sugar spray to your wavy hair arsenal.