Is this Australia’s most in-demand star facial?

Karpati Medispa

Here’s the bit everyone envies us luxury lifestyle journalists for: when you work in women’s media (and I have for more years than I care to admit – first in glossy magazines, then online) you get to try more than your fair share of spa treatments in the line of duty.

I tend to be skeptical of far-reaching claims for any facial that’s non invasive (my mantra: if it doesn’t involve a laser or enzymes, how well can it work, really?) but when I first heard murmurings of a highly advanced, award-winning ‘super facial’ that had celebs and socialites queuing on waiting lists, I was keen to know how and why.

Karpati FounderThere’s no doubt Eva Karpati, who has owned Karpati Medispa in Double Bay for decades and is famed for her skin expertise, knows a thing or two about high tech beauty, which is why a long list international celebrities, including Naomi Watts, and local fashion stars, like Camilla Freeman-Topper, trust her with their skin.

While her clinic offers an enormous range of cosmetic treatments, the jewel in the crown is the ‘Pollogen Super Facial’, a treatment that combines two patented technologies, called OxyGeneo and TriPollar RF. Together they provide a super cleanse, then oxygenate and infuse nourishment back into the skin. The end result (apparently): tighter, firmer, radiant, younger-looking face. It took me all of five seconds to agree to test it for myself when given the chance.

Here’s what happened during the Pollogen treatment:

As my facial was first thing before work, I was makeup-free to start with, so Eva skipped the cosmetics removal step and set to work explaining the extremely high-tech treatment, which is customised for each client’s skin types and safe for even super sensitive skin like mine.

karpatimedispaShe then used a machine featuring the OxyGeneo technology to deep cleanse. A handset allowed countless minute carbon dioxide bubbles (from a small disc cartridge) to gently burst onto my face, one area at a time, then infuse into the skin and create (I was told) a CO2-rich environment that boosts oxygen levels, blood flow and skin cell metabolism. End result? My skin was beautifully clean, minus any irritation or aggressive scrubbing.

For stage two, she applied a rejuvenating treatment called NeoRevive (packed with active ingredients including Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Ribose and other antioxidant, collagen-stimulating, anti-inflammatory agents). This alone would have a pretty good hydrating and nourishing effect I’m sure, but when Eva then used the special, third-generation TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology via electrodes to ‘heat the skin from within’, all effects were amplified.

The end result of this five-factor treatment, according to clinical studies, is revitalised, smoother skin, lightened brown spots, improved texture and long-term anti-aging results. And I’d believe it.

Did it hurt? Absolutely no – in fact, it’s relaxing, and it’s completely safe too. There’s no downtime or redness afterwards.

More importantly, was it the be-all, end-all facial I’d hoped for? Without exaggeration, my skin glowed to the point I didn’t wear makeup to work that day (which I’d almost never allow to happen!) – it looked fresher and more dewy.

A fortnight later, friends and family were telling me how ‘well-rested’ I looked (which, given I’d been up for nights on end at that point with a teething baby and sick toddler, I can assure you I wasn’t).

Although a course of these facials is probably the smartest way to get more long-lasting results, from my limited experience I’d image it would be an investment that paid dividends. Even if you only have time and budget for a single treatment, it’s worth a visit if you’re a local or visiting Sydney, just to meet charismatic Eva and relax in her lovely spa. Hey, perhaps you’ll even bump into Naomi…

TIP: Skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to stay healthy, but always opt for a product with enzymes as the key exfoliator if you want it to work, says Eva. Scrubs are purely “psychological” she says, and don’t clean into pores and remove dead skin cells properly.

The OxyGeneo & TriPollar RF 5 in 1 treatment takes 60 minutes and costs $225 at Karpati Spa. The two treatments can also be done individually for $155.

For more details on where you can experience a Pollogen Facial, visit here.
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