Is this Singapore’s most scenic running route?

Adidas Pure Boost X

Picture this. You’re running along the skirts of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay, overlooking the vibrant, brightly-lit city. The sun is starting to set, a cool breeze is lapping through your hair and you’ve hit your stride, pounding the pavement with ease.

I was lucky enough to experience such a moment on the recent Adidas female-only ‘Pure Energy Run’. Now, I’ve run many routes over the years, but in all honestly I can say this was one of the best experiences of my life.

The event kicked off with a short presentation by Dr. Fiona Hu ­—­ Podiatrist and founder of The Sole Clinic — during which she shared invaluable tips on looking for the best-fitting running shoe. After which, Adidas surprised each participant with their very own pair of the PureBOOST X, which sent charges of enthusiasm around, prepping us up for the run.

Then it was time to lace up! The hybrid run incorporated various HIIT workout exercises, and brought together a group of energetic women, each benefiting from the strength and motivation of each other, whilst taking in the bustling energy of Singapore. The opportunity to be a part of this experience was fun, dynamic, and best of all, accompanied with clear skies and a cool night breeze. So well-timed that the route took us through a cloud of bubbles emerging from the nearby lightshow that included a plethora of other special effects.

In terms of the shoes, the slim sock-like silhouette sat comfortably around the foot. The PureBOOST X also adapted naturally to the shifting contours of my foot-thanks to the adaptive stretch mesh that moulds around the foot, rather than to the sole of the shoe. The result is an innovative and unique floating arch that hugs the midsole and adapts to one’s natural running gait. Coupled with a tongue-free design, this floating arch lens a leaner, more flattering aesthetic to the shoe. Sitting on the brand’s now immensely popular boost foam, this cushioning technology is made of individual foam pellets that give each step a soft, comfortable bounce back, with the sensation of one lifting off a light spring.

With previous successes from the likes of the Yeezy Boost or the Y-3 Retro Boost, the PureBOOST X undoubtedly empowers female athletes while retaining its lifestyle aesthetic, with no compromise to the latest technological innovations in performance, comfort and design.

Keep a look out for more on the Adidas Power Women Series in Singapore, because more high-energy workouts specially tailored and designed for women by women will be introduced monthly!

adidas pure boost x, Singapore

Adidas Pure Boost X, Singapore

Adidas Pure Boost X, Singapore

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Chuinwei Koh
Born and raised in Singapore, Chuinwei attended college and university in Melbourne, Australia. After a stint in the finance sector, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry ― first in an esteemed fashion house, then a homegrown luxury retailer, and presently in a multi-label boutique. With an unrelenting determination and belief in all things healthy and in moderation, she watches what she eats, discredits crazy diets and exercises daily; leading family and friends around her to also want to live a holistic lifestyle. As a fitness junkie, Chuinwei is a yogi, runner and has most recently picked up jumping rope. For some time now, she has been blending her own aromatherapy goods and sketching activewear designs ― all in the hopes of being able to start her own ethical consumer goods company one day. She's already got the name picked out.