Is this the best antiperspirant deodorant ever?

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A dedicated feature for Rexona Clinical Protection

Not all deodorants are equal and being exercise enthusiasts we’re always on the lookout for the latest deodorant to keep you protected through our sweat sessions. And we think we’ve found just the thing to keep you dry and smelling fresh all day long. Say hello to the Rexona Clinical Protection range.

Engineered with leading technology, there is no antiperspirant deodorant stronger than Rexona Clinical Protection. And it is probably the cleverest too! It comes in four fresh fragrances, has a unique creamy solid texture that makes it super gentle on your skin and features genius fragrance capsules that respond to your body. These capsules are activated by both sweat and motion to deliver little bursts of freshness to keep you smelling clean all day.

However, one of the things we love most about Rexona Clinical Protection is how well it fits into a busy lifestyle, protecting you against sweat and body odour in all manner of heart-pounding situations, not just exercise. We’re talking stress sweating caused by client meetings, first dates, job interviews and deadlines.

Tried and tested by our team, we’re not joking when we say Rexona Clinical Protection, lasts for hours and hours. Unlike most deodorants it is recommended you apply Rexona Clinical Protection, before bed. Why you might ask? Apparently, this is the time when your sweat glands are least active which allows Rexona Clinical Protection to form its deepest level of protection. Rexona Clinical Protection is even effective after a shower! So there’s no need to reapply it throughout the day like you do with most deodorants. If only everything else in our lives was as effective and efficient as this deodorant!

rexona, rexona deodorant, rexona clinical protectionrexona, rexona deodorant, rexona clinical protectionrexona, rexona deodorant, rexona clinical protectionrexona, rexona deodorant, rexona clinical protection

Shop → Rexona Clinical Protection, $14.73, comes in four fresh fragrances and is available from Priceline here.

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