Is this the new coconut oil?

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Healthy foodies rejoice! If you’re anything like us here at Sporteluxe HQ you’re probably no stranger to coconut oil. With its plethora of uses, we add it to our stir fries, raw desserts, our hair and even slather it over our bodies. Talk about multi-purpose! However, lately a new oil has made its way onto our radar. Say hello to pumpkin seed oil, the new oil making waves in the wellness world. But will is earn a place on your pantry shelf?

Pumpkin Seed Oil

In the kitchen

Providing a concentrated dose of minerals, pumpkin seed oil is said to support hormonal and reproductive health. The zinc component of pumpkin seed oil regulates hormones. As a bonus it also increases your libido! Use pumpkin oil as a salad dressing for its aromatic nutty flavor, or even to marinate your meat with herbs such as coriander and basil!

In the bathroom

Pumpkin seed oil also deserves a place in your the natural beauty scene.  It boasts an abundance of nutrients including vitamin A, E and zinc. The high zinc content makes it a fabulous natural hair mask and the high content of vitamin A helps with skin cell renewal and is both moisturising and replenishing!


Australian Pumpkin Seed Company

Shop → Pumpkin Seed Oil, 250ml $25.45


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