Is this the ultimate all inclusive island escape?

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Photography by Club Med

Stepping off the plane in Mauritius for a six night stay at La Plantation d’Albion Club Med I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I knew Mauritius was a little island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of mainland Africa. I also knew that La Plantation d’Albion Club Med was a five star (or five trident as they call it in Club Med speak) all inclusive resort but that’s about it.

What I discovered over the next week surpassed all my expectations. A stunning landscape characterised by sugar cane fields and lush green mountains formed from ancient volcanoes which make for a dramatic backdrop for the crazy beautiful beaches. A melting pot of cultures reflected in the food and smiling faces of the friendliest locals you could ever hope to meet. And one seriously luxurious resort where everything you could want from an island getaway, from stand up paddle boarding to sunset cocktails, is included.

Here, are a few highlights from my time at La Plantation d’Albion Club Med in Mauritius.

The luxury

From the perfectly appointed rooms (think seriously comfortable beds and bathrooms that are almost as big as my apartment) to the stylish restaurants and bars, the amazing infinity pools which overlook the ocean and the decadent spa everything about this resort oozes luxury. The staff cater to your every need and I love the fact that everything is included in the price of your stay. So unlike most luxe resorts where it’s easy to rack up a hefty bill you could arrive at Albion and literally not spend a cent throughout your stay.

The food

One thing is for sure: you definitely won’t go hungry here! There is such an abundance of delicious food that it’s almost ridiculous, with options ranging from the super healthy through to the truly decadent. I opted for omelettes made to order and abundant tropical fruit topped with natural yoghurt and nuts for breakfast and lots of fresh seafood. Seafood lovers will definitely be in heaven here! The local Mauritian cuisine is also must try too. Imagine a spicy and flavourful mix of Indian and African influences.  If you’re in the mood to indulge you can’t go past the chocolate fountain for dipping fresh fruit into or the crepes which get made poolside late afternoon. Trust me the smell of these crepes is tempting enough to entice even the most committed clean eating devotee! However, my culinary highlight of the whole trip would have to be an incredible grilled lobster at a special alfresco lunch at one of the resorts exclusive private villas. Out of this world delicious!

The activities

The prospect of reading a book on a daybed on the beach or lounging poolside at the aptly named ‘Zen Pool’ is pretty tempting. However, it’s definitely worth summoning up the energy to get into the many activities the resort offers. Like a luxe active school camp from grown ups Club Med offers everything from golf to archery to yoga and aqua aerobics. There’s even a flying trapeze school for anyone who ever secretly dreamed of running away to join the circus. However, for me it was all about the water sports. How could it not be when the water is so calm and perfect. I loved snorkelling and tried stand up paddle boarding for the first time over in Mauritius and managed to stand up within a few minutes. However when I put my SUPing skills to the test on a windy day back home I wasn’t nearly as successful!

The people

Possibly my favourite part of my whole Club Med Mauritius trip was the people. Everyone at Club Med is so genuinely happy that it can’t help but rub off on you. Each night the staff put on a show (the circus one was my fave with moves to rival Cirque du Soleil) and spontaneous dancing is a pretty common sight at Club Med. When you arrive and leave there is a line of staff waiting to greet you or wish you a safe flight home. Talk about making you feel like a VIP! I also got so used to everyone from fellow guests to gardeners smiling and saying hello (or ‘Bonjour’ to be precise) to me as I walked around the resort that for a few days after I returned home I kept expecting people on the street to stop and do so! Perhaps the happiness high you’re left with when you leave is why Club Med is known for having so many return guests. After my first Club Med experience I think I’ll definitely be one of them! 

Where: La Plantation d’Albion Club Med in Mauritius
How to get there: Air Mauritius has direct flights from Perth to Mauritius, with connections available from other Australian cities. Visit