It was all yellow! Mood boosting bright interiors | |

One thing I find fascinating when designing interior spaces is the psychological impact of using certain colours. The right colour can have the power to change your mood, emotions and even your behaviour.

Yellow is one of the happiest colours. It is full of energy, inspires conversations and wakes up a room. Yellow evokes emotions ranging from warmth and comfort, to feelings of energy, excitement and optimism.

Yellow is also one of the ‘active colours’ that motivates us. It’s mentally stimulating and can increase our working speed and boost our memory and creativity. All of which makes it great for work spaces or a home office.

Use the impact of yellow for decorative objects, flowers, furniture or wall colours. Some of my favorite yellow paint shades are Dulux Old Yella, Porters Paints Morocco and Murobond Spice.

For more yellow inspiration check out these lively and cheerful interior spaces.


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Mia Lake
Mia Lake is the Interior Design Director at Vic Lake Architect (VLA). VLA is a family business specialising in high end residential homes and boutique multi residential developments. The collaboration between sophisticated architecture and considered interiors, VLA approaches their projects holistically and cohesively. Mia’s design journey began at Sydney’s The Whitehouse Institute of Design. She was awarded a yearlong scholarship to further her studies internationally at Accademia Italiana. That year in Florence, Italy was a major influence on her career and design style. Prior to VLA, Mia’s has been fortunate to work at two leading Sydney interior design practices, Arent&Pyke and Briony Fitzgerald Design, specialising in high end residential interior design and custom made furnture. A strong construction knowledge, understanding and love of craftsmanship, and sensitivity to the client’s practical needs are the key ingredients to a Mia’s successful design. Mia loves using luxurious natural materials, colour and layering textures. She believes injecting personality into spaces and surrounding yourself with objects that tell stories of your live, makes you happy and inspires. A well designed space can truly improve the way you live.