James Duigan’s guide to Sydney, LA and London!

James Duigan

Couples don’t get much more healthy and fit than celebrity trainer and Bodyism founder James Duigan and his wife Christiane. With the family splitting their time between Sydney, London and LA, we asked James to share some of their fave healthy hotspots in each city.

James Duigan, Bondi beach

When Sydney you’ll find the Duigans…

Wandering around the Bondi Farmers Market for our produce and Bondi Beach for a walk and workout.

James Duigan, Bondi Beach, Bondi Farmers Markets

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Going to Henley’s Wholefoods for a nutritious lunch.

James Duigan, Henley's Wholefoods

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Visiting Radley Spring at Spring Wellness for the best raw chocolate truffles and the best massage on earth!

When London you’ll find the Duigans…

Training out our gym, Bodyism, the best gym in London!

James Duigan, Bodyism, Bodyism Gym London

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Heading to Granger & Co for breakfast and coffee. Zuma is our go-to for great sushi and La Petite Maison is the place for amazing lamb cutlets!

James Duigan, Granger & Co

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Walking through Hyde Park is a pretty special experience that makes me feel very lucky!

James Duigan, Hyde Park London

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When LA you’ll find the Duigans…

Heading to Gjelina on Abbott Kinney in Venice for the best food. You can thank me later! Cafe Gratitude is also great but you need Teresa Palmer to help you order all the good stuff!

 James Duigan, Gjelina James Duigan, cafe gratitute LA

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Kreation Juice is the place for great cold pressed juices and see Claire Grieve for yoga.

James Duigan, Kreation juice LA

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