Jason Dundas talks training, nutrition, style and six packs

New York based Aussie TV presenter and David Jones ambassador Jason Dundas is passionate about health and fitness. Jason is currently back in Australia for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Launch and is also set to host Channel 7’s forthcoming reality series The Big Adventure later this year. We caught up with him to talk about nutrition, his approach to training, how he stays healthy while travelling and the secrets behind those enviable abs.

Dundas Fit, Jason DundasWe keep seeing #DundasFit popping up on Instagram. Can you tell us what it’s all about?

#DundasFit is an online community of people sharing their workout secrets, diet tips and motivational images. It’s a great Instagram hashtag to follow to stay driven to achieve your goals with health and fitness. I have big plans for DundasFit. All I can say right now is watch this space!

How do you start your day?

I start my day with a big glass of water. This is followed by Greek yogurt, blueberries, nuts and topped off with honey. I think breakfast is the single most important meal of the day.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy means having an awareness of how to get the most out of your body both physically and mentally. It’s not a trend or a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

Dundas Fit, Jason DundasHow do you nourish your body?

I see food as ingredients that fuel my body and mind and allow me to perform at my maximum potential. I strategically eat certain foods at specific times to achieve my goals, both physically and mentally. I eat high-protein, low-carb and low-sugar.

Do you cook? If so what are some of your go-to healthy meals?

I’ve lived in New York the last four years, so I eat out for lunch and dinner just about every day. But if I had to cook it would be grilled chicken, avocado and veggies.

Any health secrets you swear by?

I have a couple of simple healthy habits I live by. First, I only drink water, tea or juice that has been made in front of me. I try to avoid drinking anything from a bottle. Two, I pyramid my meals during the day, which means heavy in the morning to light at night. Three, I always take the stairs.

What’s your approach to training?

I’ve been working out since I was 16. Training to me is a way of life. It doesn’t just mean the gym; I like to mix it up all the time to keep my body guessing and to keep it fun. When I have an event like the David Jones fashion launch I will work out with a trainer in the gym for a couple months. I workout six times a week, lifting weights twice a week, a high energy full body circuit once a week then core sessions for the other days. When I’m living in LA, I will play tennis a couple days a week and jog around the canyons. In Australia, I like to spend my time surfing and riding bikes. I like to keep as active as possible all the time!

Dundas Fit, Jason DundasWhat is the secret to achieving (and maintaining) a six pack in a healthy way?

The only way to get a true six-pack is to monitor what you eat. Of course, the first thing is you need to work out your stomach muscles for about two months, but most of us guys have them buried in there somewhere. In order to see those muscles you need to drop your body fat. The best ways to drop your body fat is to eat a high-protein diet and exercise to get your weight down.

In your opinion, what are the five most effective body weight exercises?

Planks, push ups, pull ups, lunges and leg raises.

What’s the biggest mistake most guys make when it comes to health and fitness?

There are a couple themes I notice at the gym; from forgetting to workout legs to the classic trying to lift weights that are too heavy. One of the big ones is that most people only worry about the look of their body not what’s happening on the inside.

Dundas Fit, Jason DundasHow do you stay healthy while travelling?

Constantly traveling for work is the biggest distraction when trying to manage my diet. The more I understand how certain foods affect my body and mind, the better I am at making the right choice when the options are pretty slim. It can become a bit of a game trying to find nutritious food in the middle of an airport or at a quick lunch stop in a small town.

How do you describe your personal style?

Simple, classic and masculine.

Do you have a personal motto or mantra?

I live my life like every day is my first and my last.

Name three things you can’t live without.

My laptop, exercise and dental floss.

 Visit Jason’s website www.jasondundas.com or connect with him on Instagram @JasonDundas