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Jessica Gomes is one inspiring woman. With her striking face and fit bombshell body she has graced the cover of many magazines and frequently rocks the David Jones runway as their ambassador. With the launch of THE UPSIDE’s Be You campaign, Jessica has added another accolade to add to her ever-growing list of inspirational exploits.

The Be You campaign celebrates self-acceptance, cultural diversity and individuality and aims to inspire young women to feel comfortable in their own skin. We’re all for empowering women here at Sporteluxe HQ so we chatted to Jessica about the campaign as well as her top beauty tricks and tips to keep her bikini body in shape while she’s on the go.

Jessica Gomes interview Be You campaign

What does ‘Be You’ mean to you?

To be a trailblazer! To be a warrior! For me, the campaign is about being the real you, the person that you desire in your heart to be. With no fear of what others may think. To love all of you and control your own destiny.

How do you make yourself feel instantly amazing?

I try to appreciate what matters in my life every day. I’m alive. I’m healthy. I have my family and my friends who make me happy!

When do you feel most yourself?

When I’m at home in bed after a shower with no make-up on. Just in my pyjamas writing in my journal.

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What are your ‘go-to’ beauty tips and tricks for a little extra confidence boost?

Go get a massage or have a facial. That always picks me up! Get the blood flowing and get glowing.

Do you have any advice for people looking to become more comfortable in their own skin?

Just surround yourself with positive and healthy people. I think it’s important to be surrounded by people who lift you up and who want the best for you.

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What’s your favourite piece from the new THE UPSIDE collection?

I love THE UPSIDE logo muscle tanks and the polka dot leggings and ballet bra.

 Jessica Gomes, gym bag, Black Asics shoes, xtend barre ballet socks, headphones  Jessica Gomes, gym bag, The Upside sweater

If we were to take a sneak peek into your gym bag, what would we see?

Black ASICS shoes, Xtend Barre ballet socks, a sweater from THE UPSIDE, headphones and rose body mist.

How do you stay fit when you’re travelling?

I drop into an Xtend Barre class. Go for a jog or a walk. Or if I’m tired, I’ll stretch and get a massage.

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Can you describe your day on a plate?

Breakfast Boiled eggs or oats with a green smoothie.

Lunch Grilled chicken salad with quinoa, kale, tomato and feta.

Snack Almonds and goji berries. Or a coconut water, blueberry and protein powder smoothie.

Dinner Grilled fish with salad or a piece of red meat with steamed vegetables.

What are your top workout songs?

I don’t have a list of particular songs but these artists are always on high rotation: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Coldplay, Jay Z, and Kanye West.

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