Jessica Hart’s beauty and health secrets!

If you were to look up the definition of natural beauty in a dictionary you’d probably see a photo of Jessica Hart. Not content with her high flying career as a supermodel, the stunning New York based Aussie has now launched a natural cosmetics range called LUMA. We chatted to Jessica and convinced her to share the health, fitness and beauty secrets that keep her looking this great!

Tell us how LUMA Cosmetics came about? Why it important to you for the products to be natural?

I think that the end of the day we’re women and we wear make-up because it makes us look good and feel better. However, I thought why not try make a cosmetics range that’s natural. It took us a much longer time making a natural line and we had to source everything from different places. We wanted to make each product right. So some products might be 98% natural, some might be 88% natural but we did everything we could until we got it right. It’s been three and a half years in the making and we finally got there!

Jess Hart Luma products

Luma Natural Shine Lip Gloss, $14.95
Luma Tinted Moisturiser, $24.95

What are your favourite LUMA products?

The tinted moisturiser I wear probably the tinted moisturiser the most out of anything. The highlighter is my favourite, took a long time to get that one right too. Same with the nude shimmer sheer lipstick.

Can you share some of your other natural beauty secrets that actually work?

We workout our bodies but we don’t ever exercise our face and it makes sense that we should. So I’m always massaging my face and I think it really helps with lymphatic drainage and releasing toxins. I really believe that getting in there and massaging all the crap that gets stuck in your face makes a difference.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, $100

How do you take care of your skin while travelling so much for work?

For skin, I’ve got these moisture mists that I use on the plane constantly. One is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

Some sprays you can use a tonne of it and you feel dry afterwards? I spray these and I don’t have to reapply. I also like to use hand cream on the plane although I never use it anywhere else. I also drink lots of water – it’s a challenge for me but when I’m flying I try to really force it down.

What does your exercise regime involve?

I have a personal trainer that works lots of different aspects. Sometimes it’s more like Pilates and stretching or a hard core workout. It’s good to mix it up. Otherwise I love spin classes and yoga. I love running. At home in New York I go to Crunch gym and Soul Cycle.

Jess Hart Japanese food

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What about food?

I love Japanese food and there’s really good Japanese restaurants over there.

Jess Hart veggie juice

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Any health secrets you swear by?

I love freshly squeezed juices with vegetables. My favourite would be carrot, beetroot, celery and ginger. Ginger wakes you up and beets are good to detoxify your liver so that would be one of my favourites.

Do you have a mantra or favourite quote that inspires you?

It’s really silly one but for some reason I always come back to ‘Fake it until you make it’. I don’t like anything about being fake but there’s something about stepping outside your comfort zone and past your insecurities and just pretending that they don’t exist.

Jess Hart Ultraceuticals2

SPF 50+ Mineral Defence Face & Body Lotion, $59, 90mL

What are some of your summer beach essentials?

Sunscreen is a must I like to go for a 50+ on my skin.

What about active wear?

If anyone asks ‘how do you get motivation to go to the gym’ I always say “have a great outfit!”. I also like to have fun stuff to wear when I workout. Like in summer I’m all in neons. I love lululemon and Nike is great for runners. Victoria’s Secret also have a great line of active wear now too.

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