Jun tea: the hottest health drink since Kombucha

Jun Tea
Images via NourishedKitchen.com

The new player on the fermentation stage, Jun tea is packed with a probiotic punch to aid digestion, boost metabolism and improve all-round health.

But if kombucha and jun are both fermented teas bursting with gut-loving goodness, how are they different? Firstly, kombucha is produced using black tea and sugar, whereas Jun uses green tea and honey.

“Drinking green tea can assist with hydration and provide the body with a number of antioxidants while honey is a strong anti-bacterial agent and can assist with preventing inflammation in the body,” says Bannie. So while they both increase those beloved bacteria, Jun has aided benefits since there is more nutritional value in honey when compared to white sugar, she adds.

Jun tea is also slightly less sweet than kombucha, has a shorter fermentation cycle (taking only six days to brew) and according to some, is much more palatable.

So why hadn’t we heard of this super Jun tea?

Like any mysterious relative, Jun seems to be hidden from history. The oft-repeated legend cites the origins of Jun to be the Himalayas where it was brewed by Tibetan monks (or so the story goes), however no one knows for sure.

Sacred or not, we’re taking the sentiment of fermentation guru and author of The Art of Fermentation, Sandor Katz, “Whether or not it has a 1,000-year-old history, it is quite delicious.”

And that’s enough to fill our mugs!

Story by Georgia Pretty.