Kate Kendall’s New Orleans healthy hot spots

I’ve waved goodbye to Flow Athletic for a few weeks to explore the USA. Staying physically and mentally fit is important to me so I’ll be checking out all of the healthy hot spots. The best places to practice yoga, eat clean and relax across three major cities: New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.

First stop, New Orleans!

Reyn WaterNew Orleans

In a city famous for Po’Bouys, beignets and fried anything (including alligator!) I suspected sourcing out ‘clean’ experiences was going to be a mission. Yes, I can always ask Dr Google but often pictures and descriptions don’t live up or give you a real taste of the experience.

Clean travel is like an awesome ‘pick your own adventure’. Here’s why: first day I see a girl walking down the street with a yoga mat. So I hit her up for some places to practice. Then I asked the teachers in the studio where to eat and chill and before you know it there are more places to roll out your mat, sip smoothies and get a massage than I could have imagined!

So here are my top hot spots on where to practice yoga, eat clean and chill on in New Orleans, Louisiana!


Yoga studioPractice

Reyn Studios I was lucky enough to take  a few classes, one with the super welcoming founder and ex-dancer, Reyn Lambert herself. Great vibe, wicked tunes and a stunning studio!

Wild Lotus Yoga A traditional yoga space with great teachers. This place was like a big southern hug!

Shanti Yoga Shala Again, quite traditional with ashtanga trained teachers.



Seed I was blown away by some of the dishes on this menu. I ate a roasted carrot and avocado salad. Yummo!

The Green Fork This tiny little place is right opposite Seed. They mainly sell fresh smoothies and juices as well as kombucha on tap and a range of clean treats and energy snacks. There’s also cold-dripped coffee.

Green Goddess A wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes. Something for everyone and super-clean!


The Woodhouse Day Spa In between a swamp tour, plantation tour, tour of the living dead and numerous yoga classes, I managed to squeeze in a massage here. It was exquisite!

Next stop: New York!