Six ways to stay calm

Feeling worn out? These tips will help you to stay cool, calm and collected.

  • Practice Self-Strength.

Show up and be you now.  Have personal integrity and act with kindness. Commit to your daily rituals such as training (which will direct your energy positively) and practicing yoga so that you can keep your cool in challenging situations.

  • Cultivate balance.

Somehow balance has become this mythical essence because everyone has their own take on it and no one quite knows what it is or how to achieve it. Ask yourself, and write down, what a healthy balance between work, relationships, relaxation, development, fitness, self-expression and enjoying the smaller things is for you. 

  • Find ease.

Someone at work stressing you out? Or is a family member bugging you? Take a step back and notice how reactive or non-reactive you are. Can keep your cool and act with honesty and integrity?

  • Learn to accept.

Eckhart Tolle said, “Accept your life or change it. Any other position is insane.” Change what you can change, accept what you can’t. You’re not going to be able to change someone who doesn’t want to be changed. Stop wasting all that well-generated energy on something that can’t be shifted.

  • Be Kind

I think this can be the coolest gift you can give someone. We all experience struggle and unease at times. See if you can practice patience and kindness with those people close to you. Know that if someone blows up at you for something small, they’re struggling with their own ‘stuff’ also.

  • Gratitude.

Wake up each morning, sit on the edge of your bed or clean your teeth and literally count your blessings. Rattle off all of the things you’re happy for. Small or big. They say that whatever we show gratitude for comes back to us two-fold.