Kyly Clarke shares her fitness secrets

Kyly Clarke lives and breathes health and fitness. As an interior designer, rebel ambassador and the wife of Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, Kyly leads an incredibly busy life. Yet, she makes her wellness a top priority. We chatted to the stunning brunette and asked her to give us a little insight into her healthy world and share the secrets that help her look and feel so great!

How do you start your day?

I start my day by moisturising my face and cuddling my pooches. I then step out the door to do some form of fitness. That might be walking the dogs, going to the gym or doing Barre Attack classes. Once I return a have a healthy shot of superfoods, followed by a protein shake with fibre, chia seeds and fresh fruit. Then I’m really ready to start my day!

What does being healthy mean to you?

I think you need to have a balance between what is good for your mind and what is good for your body! A strong, healthy body is one that is given nutrient-rich foods and exercise to prevent disease and health conditions. Balanced with a fun lifestyle.

How do you nourish your body?

With good nutritious foods and a lot of water! I believe hydration is the key to great health.

Any health secrets you swear by?

I swear by not eating or drinking after 8pm! You really should have consumed your daily intake by then and you feel so much better for it in the morning. Keep up your water intake during the day. Make sure to eat breakfast to get that metabolism going. And eat less at dinner than any other meal. You don’t need a whole lot of energy to sleep, so there’s no need to eat such a big meal.

How do you move your body? What’s your exercise regime entail?

I’ll do a 30 minute jog and run on the treadmill, or mix it up on the cross trainer or rower. Then 25 mins of weights focusing on different body parts each day. That might be triceps, biceps, quads, hamstrings and using the fit ball for core strength work.

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What are your five fave body weight exercises?

My favourite body weights would be:

  1. Leg extensions using the cable. This strengthens your abductors and adductors.
  2. Tricep extensions on the cable. I do three sets of 10.
  3. Holding a four kilo weight in each hand, I do three sets of 10 lunges on either side.
  4. Single leg dead lift.
  5. Push ups on your toes for an all over body workout.

You and Michael both obviously love health and fitness. Can you give us an insight into a typical weekend in the Clarke house?

I really enjoy boxing and have found myself doing it a lot more of late. I did kickboxing a while back and have missed it so I decided to put the gloves back on! Michael is a fantastic partner and has also been training me with an extra session a week. We also do circuits of skipping and different weight sets with a time limit. For example, four minutes on two minutes off, in three rounds.

I love my cooking and am always trying to find new healthy recipes. I enjoy cooking chicken salads with a mix of different ingredients. I’ll add pine nuts, walnuts, pear, goat’s fetta, corn, hummus…the list goes on! I constantly change it up to keep it exciting and tasting different. Vegetable stir fries are another favourite dish and anything with chicken, fish and lean meat. I am very conscious of what I cook with. The oils I use and sticking to organic and gluten-free when possible.

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You and Michael obviously travel a lot for cricket. How do you ensure you stay healthy and fit while travelling?

I try to stay as disciplined as possible; I believe that really assists me in staying balanced while I am away. I still train every day and focus on eating well and using the surrounding environment to be more adventurous with my exercises. For example, hitting the beach for sand runs and jogging.

Any tips for keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy from the inside out?

I have always thought that the key to great skin comes from within. So I drink a lot of water for the best level of hydration.

At the moment I have been taking Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir. It’s an alkalising superfood supplement which is designed to assist wellness and support your nutrition at a cellular level. I also have a lot of blueberries in my protein shakes as they are a full of natural antioxidants.

Any tips for bringing more balance into your life?

I like to try and take 10 minutes a day to myself. Just before going to bed I try to meditate and not think about a thing. I allow thoughts to come and go but I don’t hold onto anything. I do my best to stay positive but true balance is about staying calm and focused on what you want to achieve in life. You get out from the universe what you give, so I try to give what I would like receive. Good vibes and great energy!

When do you feel happiest?

When I am fit and healthy, working towards a goal and when I am with my family.

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From L to R:
1. Reebok One Series All Over Print Long Bra Top $64.99
2. 2XU G-0 Mid Rise Compression Tight $149.99
3. Nike womens elastika tank $39.99
4. Armour Bra $69.99
5. Nike Lunarglide 6 $199.99
6. Under Armour Big Applique Logo Crew $79.99

What are your fave stylish active wear essentials? Any brands you love or key pieces?

Under Armour have a fantastic and well thought out sports bra called the Women’s Armour Bra which is perfect for running and classes. The Still Got To Have It bra also from Under Armour comes in an electric orange and is a great pop of colour under a loose singlet or tee!

I also love wearing the free flowing tops of Nike and Adidas where I can get funky with layers and wear a coloured crop underneath. The warm casual jumpers by Russell Athletic and Under Armour are also a home favourite. Nike has some cool casual shoes, the Free being a favourite and the Lunarglide 6 being my latest purchase!

One thing I cannot live without is running in my Asics Gel Kayano’s or my Brooks of late.

I am hooked on my Nike Print Wind Runner jacket. It’s perfect for this chilly winter we are having! I find the colourful and stylish tops inspirational. What you wear makes you feel good and feeling good about yourself makes you train harder! Whether it is a cool top from Puma, Reeboks tight and fitted dance wear crops with the tie cross overs, or a comfy Russell Athletic singlet they are all perfect for my different morning moods.

Finally, when it comes to leggings, I find Running Bare to be the ultimate when it comes to fit and length of their full and ¾ tights. The compression tights from 2XU are also very impressive.

Name three things you can’t live without.

The love of my family including my pooch. My friends and fitness.

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