Ladies, Escape For The Day To A Ladies Only Beach Pool!

Love ocean swimming but dread the distance you have to walk from your towel across the sand to the water? This all too familiar scenario is often made worse when you have to walk past a group of really cute boys playing beach volleyball. Cue thoughts of regret for eating French Toast at breakfast.

But not anymore!

A quietly hidden ocean pool for ‘ladies only’, McIver’s is still quite the secret in Sydney, Australia. Perched on a cliff face and rock platform between Coogee Beach and Wylies Baths, it boasts glistening oceanfront views and is the perfect swimming spot for those who like to indulge in their surroundings in total comfort.

Completely private, the baths were set up in 1922 by Rose and Robert McIver after their young daughter was not permitted into the men’s club down the road. Fast-forward to today and it still costs only 20 cents to swim in the 33 metre ocean pool. In fact McIver’s Ladies Baths is the only coastal pool in Australia just for women.

  • What to expect? Women from all walks of life, with all types of body shapes and sizes comfortably enjoying the sun and water.
  • Address: Grant Reserve. Between Coogee and Wylie’s Baths. Coogee Beach, Sydney. Australia. 2034
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  • Feature Image by Xenedis

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