Laurie Nouchka launches hot new activewear collection at Kensington’s Equinox

When you’re offered the chance to spend a morning with one of London’s most in demand yoga instructors and the designer behind one of the hottest active wear collections on the market, you certainly don’t have to think twice about accepting the invitation!

laurie nouchkaArtist and designer Laurie Nouchka recently celebrated the launch of her new bright and boldly pattered limited edition active wear range at Equinox’s exclusive Kensington health club, complete with an uplifting morning
 yoga class led by Kathryn Fielding, a healthy breakfast and exclusive Q&A.
Known for her love of geometric patterns and iconic buildings, Nouchka’s travel adventures and immersion in various cultures around the world are what influence her incredible functional nycro lyra garmets – described by some as walking works of wearable art.

One of the stand out pieces of her new collection is an exclusive limited edition Equinox Kensington legging print, a collaboration with the upmarket health brand which takes inspiration from the historic Equinox Kensington building. From the art deco windows, to the iconic illuminated elliptical dome and modern décor, Laurie has merged interior and exterior features of the club to create a bold and dynamic pattern like no other.

“The collaboration with Equinox and its iconic building allows me to drive my vision to create a truly unique sports luxe range” comments Laurie “ it cross boundaries between style, art, architecture and fitness.”

These are the type of leggings that will have you answering the “wear did you get those from?” question a lot! So if you love standing out from the crowd and appreciate fashion forward active wear be sure to get your hands on this range while you can.

Equinox Kensington Equinox Kensington Equinox Kensington Equinox Kensington

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