Learn this amazing Scorpion yoga move

Here’s the lowdown on my ‘Scorpion’ move in this video – and how to do it:

It’s not a technical name, but I call this pose…

Handstand Play! In the sequence you can see above, my execution is messy (it’s even trickier when you’re attempting it on a rock ledge) but I’m playfully working toward a pose called Vrschikasana (extended arm scorpion).

It definitely takes time to master a handstand…

I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years and it took me years to be able to free hold a handstand and becoming a master is still a work in progress! I’m still working on my toes reaching my head. Stay tuned!

Yes it’s hard, but it’s all about perception…

My approach is always to try and make it feel easy and I encourage that ideal also when I teach. I guess it is hard, but it’s all about perception, like most things it requires a combination of strength, balance and a willingness in the mind to want to do it.

There are plenty of up-sides to mastering this move..

Beyond it making for a great Instagram pic! But being upside down is really great for our circulation, it is excellent for mental clarity and our confidence. I like that yoga meme that says “we bend so we don’t break”.

My best tip for perfecting it are…

Practice, practice, practice and find a great teacher.

As far as falling goes (and it will happen)…

I practice a lot on the beach because the sand is soft! You will want to find strength and flexibility in you back bends and handstands before you work to Scorpion. You will require stability of your core and strength in your wrists. But do persevere – you’ll feel amazing when it all clicks!

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Jordan Thackray
Sydney-based founder of Finding Lotus Yoga, Jordan, has been an instructor for almost a decade, and is well-known as a teacher, vblogger and social media personality. He has an original and authentic approach to the way he shares his passion for yoga, along with all things involved in living a creative life, and is famed for his humility and humour. As anyone who follows him on Instagram knows, he loves a good #selfie or 10, especially if they’re taken in a striking yoga pose with a dramatic natural background (usually Bondi Beach, Australia)!