Let’s all be playful with our wellness

Sarah Ranawake
Photography by Chris Lew | Sarah wears lululemon athletica Spring Fling Puffy Vest $179 and holds The Broad Place Copper Drinking Vessel $39.

I spent last weekend over in Manly, just walking around enjoying the sunshine and exploring beaches I’d never been to before.  I barely looked at my phone. It was great. It occurred to me later that one of the reasons I had such a great weekend (aside from good company and the crazy beautiful scenery around Manly) was because I stayed in the moment and focused on having fun.

This got me thinking about how easy it is to get too serious about your fitness and wellness. Whether you’re kick starting spring training or beginning to embrace clean eating, most of us have all fallen into the trap of focusing too much on the end result and not enjoying the journey. Of becoming so fixated with achieving a goal (flatter abs, more toned thighs etc) that we forget to make the whole experience FUN!

That’s why I think retaining a sense of playfulness is such an important part of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Someone who embodies this idea of playfulness perfectly is my friend and our amazing Sporteluxe expert Lola Berry. Lola is one of the hottest names in nutrition right now with a heap of projects on the go, and yet she manages to make time for playfulness. Her approach is all about making healthy living a fun daily adventure. And her enthusiasm is totally infectious. It’s pretty much impossible to hang out with Lols and not walk away with a huge smile on your face!

Making daily joy a priority is something two of my other dear friends and wellness inspirations, Jess Ainscough and Jacqui Lewis are also both big advocates of. Jac has even coined a concept called Joy Riding which is based around the idea that you should try to do one thing which makes you happy every single day. Jac calls them Joy Rides.

So, with that in mind, let’s all make it our aim this long weekend to get outside and get active, but most importantly, to have FUN while doing it!

Sare x