Lewis Howes proves that you too can be successful

Lewis Howes

LA based, Lewis Howes is a former professional football player, lifestyle entrepreneur, podcast host and author. After building several of his own multi-million dollar businesses, Lewis created the hugely successful talk show podcast “The School Of Greatness” where he posts weekly interviews with world-class athletes, brilliant business minds and influential celebrities. The experiences and wisdom shared by these highly successful people has given Lewis some incredible insight into the behaviours, habits and thoughts that lead to “greatness”. And on top of that – Lewis also happens to be a really genuine, funny, all round nice guy!

Here Lewis shares some of the daily rituals that fuel his mind, body and spirit.

LEWIS HOWESWhat daily routines keep you mentally and physically fit?

I always start my day off with gratitude and meditation, then some stretching and yoga poses before I make my bed and hit my work out. I try to do something painful every day, and its usually in my workouts. Breakfast is typically a smoothie or green juice with my supplements. Then I’m ready to crush the day!

As a professional sports person, entrepreneur, podcast host and author – you have so much on your plate!  What is the motivating force that guides your vision, productivity and business growth?

I have been obsessed with greatness since I was a kid – whether it was in football, business, fitness, or relationships. So my vision is grounded in becoming the best possible version of myself and teaching others how to do the same. Every time I get tired or distracted or mess up, I go back to what my mission is: to serve 100 million people in creating a business and life doing what they love.

Will smithWho are the people you admire most professionally and/or personally?

The Rock, Will Smith, Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo and Jerry Rice

What do you love about living in LA and can you share some of your favorite places to eat, work out and have fun in the city?

I love that everyone is hustling, everyone I meet is up to something, working towards something, creating something – the drive is tangible. Obviously the sunshine and beautiful weather doesn’t hurt. I can sit on my balcony for hours taking in the view and getting inspired. LA has no shortage of good food, but if I’m not eating a scratch made meal at home, you can find me at Fresh Corn Grill…so good!

Your new book “The School Of Greatness” is about the experiences and habits of highly successful people. What is your definition of “success”?

Success and greatness are tied together in my mind. Greatness is being 100% yourself in every moment and making the maximum impact you can make.

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