Life coach advice! Try a mid-winter life review

As the year rolls on it can be easy to lose touch with the goals and intentions we set so boldly for ourselves at the start of the year. So in the quieter months of winter it can be a beautiful time to stop, reflect and re-assess.

This is your chance to take stock of your progress, figure what has been working for you and let go of what hasn’t. It is a powerful way to re-set your energy and focus so you can make the most of the remaining months of the year.

To complete your own mid-winter review, all you need to do is set aside some quiet time for yourself. Pull out your journal and maybe even light some candles or play your favourite music to set the mood.

1     Reflect

Think back over the first half of the year. What have you achieved? What goals, dreams or desires did you reach? What are you most proud of? How have you grown and developed within yourself? What have been your challenges and what can you learn from them? This is your opportunity to really acknowledge yourself and celebrate everything you have experienced.

2     Assess

Take stock of where you are now and notice if there is anything you haven’t yet reached or achieved. Why is that? Did you realise that it wasn’t actually what you wanted? Did you let something like fear hold you back? What needs to change to help you move forward?

3     Re-set

Now it is time to re-focus for the remainder of the year. Read through everything you have written and use it as a foundation to map your next set of goals. Use the following questions to guide you: how do I want to feel every day? How would I like to grow within myself? What do I want to achieve in my career? How would I love to care for myself and pamper myself?  How do I want to show up in my relationships? What is one big scary goal that I am going to reach for?

This mid-year review is a beautiful way to acknowledge your successes and growth and empower yourself to aim even higher over the coming months.

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Connie Chapman
Connie Chapman is on a heart-driven mission to help women live lives of alignment, connection and full-blown fulfilment. A certified life coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer, Connie empowers women to dive deep, play big and unlock their true potential. As the host of Awaken Radio, creator of The 90 Day Transformation Project and founder of, Connie has helped thousands of women across the globe to rekindle their inner glow and beam their light into the world. Her teachings are based on soul-deep transformation – choosing love over fear, abundance over anxiety, and always tuning in to our inner wisdom. Connie’s work has been featured in leading magazines and blogs across Australia, including CLEO, Dolly, The Wellness Warrior and many more. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, when she’s not working you’ll find Connie hanging out in organic cafes or diving headfirst into the ocean.