The life lessons we’ve learned from Mum!

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s got us thinking about those little pearls of wisdom that give us strength, guidance or a life hack (or seven). These are the lessons that have been passed down from some of the most influential women in our lives, from generation to generation, mother to daughter and friend to friend. We thought we’d share some of the pearls we’ve gained along the way that helped guide us through life and shape who we are today.

Motherd Day Bianca

Bianca Cheah
Sporteluxe Founder and Managing Director

“If I had a rough day, Mum always told me that ‘this too shall pass’ so I could sleep easy and know that tomorrow was a new day. She also told me to always moisturise day and night to keep my skin soft and supple.”

Mothers Day Em S

Emilie Sharp
Health, fitness and lifestyle writer

“My Mum is probably the most fabulous woman I know and is always giving me her secrets to a healthy and happy life. One of the main things she always told me was ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’, which has taught me a thing or two about how I treat others. She also always told me ‘just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to’, which taught me to trust my gut and always be myself.”

Mothers Day Olivia

Olivia Boyd-Smith
Health and beauty writer

“I think my mum is the queen of beauty hacks and she’s certainly taught me a lot about how to look after my skin. She often reminds me to remove my makeup every evening and to make sure I always use an SPF to protect my skin from the sun.”

Mothers Day Mel

Melanie Davis
Graphic Designer

“My mum is a huge inspiration to me! She is kind, thoughtful and courageous. Mum has taught me many things, mostly to always be kind to others and not to stress when something doesn’t go your way, because things always work out in the end! The biggest of all though is to always smile, just like her, because it brightens the room and radiates to everyone around you.”

Mothers Day Em W

Emily Waight
Beauty and lifestyle writer

My mum instilled in me the importance of always taking my makeup off before I go to bed, no matter how tired I may be. You need to let your skin breathe and repair itself!”



Has this got you thinking about some of the pearls of wisdom you Mum has given you? The lovely ladies at Endota Spa have just launched their Life Lessons Project and have some fabulous Mother’s Day pamper packages up for grabs! Simply share your life lessons on the endota spa Facebook page for your chance to win you and your Mum a beautiful gift for your body, mind and soul. We couldn’t think of a better way to spend some quality time with your Mum this Mother’s Day!

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