Lola Berry’s guide to beating a Melbourne Cup hangover!

The whole reason why you crave fat the morning after a big day (or night) out like the Melbourne Cup is because your liver has been compromised by drinking. Your liver is like the garbage man of your body, it detoxifies all the alcohol.

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hangover olive oil

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It’s also in charge of emulsifying fat. Which is why so many people crave a big fry up bacon and eggs. If you’re partial to a fry up it’s totally fine but be prepared and do it the healthy way. If you buy bacon read the packet. Make sure it’s nitrate-free bacon and try and opt for free range and local if possible. Same with your eggs, go for organic and free range. And opt for good quality gluten-free bread. Also consider the oils you use to cook with. You want to cook with cold-pressed coconut oil or extra virgin Australian olive oil. Olive oil has to be Australian extra virgin otherwise the smoke point isn’t high enough for cooking.

hangover oats

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If you can stomach it porridge made on oats is also a great brekkie option when you wake up with a hangover.  It’s going to really nourish your nervous system which will be a bit out of whack after drinking.

hangover raw c

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Another really good thing to have is a smoothie with coconut water in it. It’s kind of like Mother’s Nature’s sports drink so it’s great for rehydration. Interesting fact: if you’ve got a frontal headache the day after drinking that’s dehydration. A liver headache is one that starts from the back of your head.

hangover vitamin B

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You can also take B vitamins before drinking to prevent a hangover and after drinking as well. Drinking strips B vitamins from the brain, which is another reason you may feel flat and lethargic the day after drinking. In terms of having B vitamins from a wholefood perspective eggs are great, as are raw nuts and seeds and wholegrains such as quinoa, rye, millet and amaranth.