Lorna Jane And Sukishufu

I like to mix my exercise up, and in the late evening I find going for long strolls really soothing after a long day at work. But nothing is more annoying than drinking warm bottled water and not dressing appropriately for the cold evening breezes that hit me all the time. So dressing in something that is comfortable and warm is always a good idea.

A great option for evening walks is the Lorna Jane Pink Hooded top. The fabric is light, the sleeves are long and best of all it has a hood for when your neck is feeling the cold. And don’t forget about the water that your holding, no one likes to drink warm water, nor do I. The Sukishufu water bottle holder that is available from Stylerunner comes in four different colours and is insulated with neoprene to keep the water cool for up to four hours. A great little invention/ fashion accessory, and a must for anyone being active outdoors!

Photographer, Andy Barclay from andybstudio.com

Lorna Jane pink top 1Lorna Jane pink top 2SUKI-SHUFU_SukiSaturate_POWDER-GREY_35---Copy