Lululemon Opens Its First Meditation Space, Mindfulosophy

Like we needed another excuse to go there!

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Is it just us, or has it been a particularly big month for Lululemon? Barely a week has passed since they announced their first home collection, ivivva, and Taryn Toomey collaboration and they’ve hit us with yet another exciting surprise.

Our fave active-wear retailer has opened their first meditation space, Mindfulosophy. Nestled inside Lulu’s new 8000-square-foot store on NYC’s Fifth Avenue, the concept space is designed to give busy city-dwellers a relaxing place to chill out. The destination takes its cues from the meditation booth trend by providing zen pods — comfy cushions where visitors can tune in to 12 self-guided meditations. The soothing meditations have been recorded Lululemon’s director of mindful performance Danielle Nagel and Tom Waller, who leads the brand’s Whitespace Innovation Lab.

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Lululemon has always been synonymous with all things zen — and not only because they sell some of the most comfortable yoga pants known to man! For years, they’ve offered free yoga classes in and around their stores all over the world. According to Celeste Burgoyne, Lululemon’s US Executive Vice President of Retail, the meditation space is a natural evolution in the brand’s mindfulness-oriented retail model.

First, we offered yoga classes, pushing aside racks of product to roll out mats. Now, we’re giving our guests the chance to experience yoga in a different way—off the mat, through meditation.

– Celeste Burgoyne, Lululemon’s Executive Vice president of Retail in the Americas.

There’s no news yet on whether Lululemon plans to bring Mindfulosophy down under — for now, the meditation space is found exclusively in their Fifth Avenue store. But for now, you can reclaim your inner zen at one of these mediation studios around Australia. Or, DIY at home by downloading one of these handy meditation apps.

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