Lymphatic drainage massage for your face!

Photography for
Model Bianca Cheah

You may have heard of the detoxifying benefits of massage for your body but have you ever thought about massaging your face? “Lymphatic draining is excellent to rid the skin of toxins,” explains Kimberley Robinson, skin specialist at Alkaline spa in Sydney’s Potts Point. “Manual lymphatic drainage is an effective technique you can do every day, especially for anyone with congestion. It’s also a great way to relax at night.”

Want to try lymphatic facial massage at home? We asked Kimberley to give us a step-by-step DIY guide to this simple technique to boost your skin health.

  1. Using your index and middle fingers in a rocking and draining motion start from your chin and move towards your forehead. Move your fingers up and down, breaking down the lymph or stagnant toxins. Slide your fingers across the skin helping to push away toxins.
  2. Use these two techniques to massage each area of the face.  Move your fingers along the jaw line from the corner of your mouth to the corner of your ears and the corner of your eye underneath the temple, and employ the rocking and draining motion.
  3. Next, move from the middle of the brow to the hairline.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, from the crown of the head do the draining movement six times towards your throat, draining all the toxins so they can be released through the blood.